“Winterblast 2018” group photo!

“Winterblast 2018” group photo!

Oasis Youth Group

OASIS meets on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the OASIS Youth building (White building)

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Josh Mariscal, Youth Intern

Josh Mariscal, Youth Intern

Oasis 2018 “Christmas Party” Video!

Check out this great video from our OASIS Christmas party filmed and edited by Emma Saquing! We had lots of pizza and other “party food”, a “Grab Bag” gift game exchange, a mini-talent show, live worship and music and a Christmas message from our Youth Intern, Josh Mariscal.

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Winterblast 2019.jpg

Oasis “winterblast” 2019

Make sure you don’t miss our annual winter retreat called “Winterblast” hosted at Camp Orchard Hill in Dallas, PA. This year’s theme is “The Greatest” focusing on the biblical theme of God’s unfailing love for us. Included in this exciting weekend for students are plenty of outdoor and indoor games and activities, awesome worship times and powerful teaching sessions by national youth speaker, Sam Bhatt. Please contact Pastor Love at lsaquing@brookdalechristian.org for more information.

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